Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The 13 things that need to happen on GLEE before this season ends.
By Alex Nagorski

Darren Criss (a.k.a Blaine) poses for OUT Magazine

Love it or hate it, you have to give Glee credit where it’s due. To kids today, the show is what Saved By The Bell or Dawson’s Creek were to us growing up: the show that defines their generation. And yes, while it may have its fair share of issues (lack of character development, songs that don’t make sense with the plot, etc.) Glee is unarguably one of the most progressive shows on television. 

Season 2 had a weak start but has been improving significantly each episode (Gleeks get drunk! Kathy Griffin as Sarah Palin!). To continue this upward climb, I’ve made a list of thirteen suggestions for Ryan Murphy and Co. to consider as they finish writing the remainder of the season to ensure they end on a high note (see what I did there?) before the finale this summer:
  1. Brittany does a cover of Rebecca Black’s smash game-changing hit, “Friday”.
  2. Blaine loses all of his clothes in a house fire and has to be naked for the rest of the season.
  3. Rachel admits that her original song, “Get It Right,” was actually a B-side from Idina Menzel’s failed “pop” album, “I Stand.”
  4. Mr. Schu donates all of his hair to Locks of Love, followed by a cover of anything from Britney’s Blackout album. 
  5. Tina and Mike film a response video to that ignorant blonde bimbo over at UCLA.
  6. The end of all Katy Perry covers and inspired Cheerios routines.
  7. Sam runs out of Lip Venom.
  8. Finn discovers a way to get rid of the extra chromosome he nurses so well every time he tries to seriously act.  
  9. Mercedes actually busts the windows of someone’s car (ala Cher in Burlesque).
  10. A guest starring appearance by Sarah Michelle Gellar for a special encore performance of “Something To Sing About” from the Buffy musical episode.
  11. Artie spits out a Lil’Kim/Nicki Minaj mashup.
  12. Santana and Brittany reenact the Natalie Portman/Mila Kunis sex scene from Black Swan.
  13. Julie Andrews reveals the secret truth behind Kurt’s eunuch origins when she guest stars as his grandmother.
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