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A review of Kelly Clarkson's private benefit concert for Tupperware Brands' Confide & Conquer campaign.
By Alex Nagorski

IMG_0345 “Scotty won?” Kelly Clarkson asked the crowd after fans checked their Twitter feeds during her performance on May 25th. “Oh. I was rooting for Lauren, but … Scotty’s good too,” she continued in a tone that hardly masked her disappointment.

Clarkson was of course was referring to the American Idol finale that was occurring simultaneously to her benefit concert for Tupperware Brands. The original Idol victor hit the stage for an event sponsoring Tupperware’s Confide & Conquer movement. An initiative designed to honor women around the world for the impact they have on their communities, the always-true-to-herself Clarkson was the perfect choice for an ambassador.

 IMG_0361 Closed off to the general public, the Confide & Conquer event was truly a night to remember. Occurring at New York City’s Highline Ballroom, the benefit was decorated with gorgeous shades of white and pink and filled with such guests as Ashanti and Gabourey Sidibe. Upon arriving on the red carpet, my party and I proceeded to a standing table at the very front of the stage. Waiters greeted us with hors d’oeuvres and specialty cocktails from the open bar. My inner Serena Van Der Woodsen would have it no other way. This was a life I could get very used to.

The curtain rose for Kelly at 9 pm sharp. Her 12-song set included some of her biggest hits like “Breakaway,” and “My Life Would Suck Without You,” mixed in with such fan-favorites as “How I Feel” and her cover of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.”

IMG_0367 Over the past eight years, I’ve seen Kelly Clarkson on every tour she’s ever embarked on. Crazed fan? Perhaps. But never have I seen Kelly in such an intimate venue or been so close to the stage. My friends (the glorious Bradley Stern, Jon Aliaga, Alex Goldschmidt, and Jarett Wieselman) and I were literally no more than six feet from her the whole time she performed (hence all the close-ups in the pictures I took you see scattered throughout this post). That experience in itself was surreal. With every note she hit and guitar riff she belted over, Kelly proved that not only is she still a force to be reckoned with, but that (along with Adele), she’s hands down the best voice in the industry.

IMG_0374 One of the things I love about Kelly Clarkson concerts is how much personality she injects into them. In between nearly each song, she spoke to the audience with her quirky sense of humor and cute Southern disposition. These conversations included everything from self-deprecating jokes about how depressing so much of her music is to disappointment over the rapture not happening to denying lesbian rumors to talking about wanting to be reborn as Beyonce … followed by her best boob-shaking Billboard Awards performance impression. She honestly could not have been any cuter.

IMG_0368 Clarkson’s music not only serves as a portal of nostalgia for me, but also reminds me of what so much contemporary pop music is failing to do in her absence on the radio. I don’t remember the last time a song on the Top-40 was able to evoke the types of emotions I felt when she sang “Because Of You.”  How many pop songs balance catchiness with raw, exposed, vulnerability the way “Behind These Hazel Eyes” does? And I dare you to name a better feel-good breakup anthem than “Since U Been Gone.” Just try. I promise you’ll fail.

IMG_0377 It’s safe to say that between my scream-singing and jumping to songs like “Miss Independent” and “Walk Away,” I was voiceless, tired, and sweaty. But that didn’t even matter because my night ended in the most perfect way it could have: I got to meet Kelly. She took a picture with my friends and I as we told her how much fun the show was.

I resisted telling her that I almost got a snowflake tattoo to symbolize how much her album My December impacted my life or that despite her only have four albums out, I have over 200 songs of hers on my iPod (yes, that does include the From Justin To Kelly soundtrack, how dare you judge me?).

Look for Kelly’s (still untitled) new single release this July followed by a new album this fall and be sure to “like” Tupperware Brand’s Chain of Confidence page on Facebook. For every “like” they receive, they'll donate $1 to the Boys and Girls Club of America!

(Kelly, Me, Jon, Bradley and Alex)

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I love your article. I read it twice. Thanks for posting the awesome pictures of Kelly. I have seen her in concert three times and she is simply amazing! You were very lucky to meet her. I wish I could meet her some day too.